Butterfly Valve Casting

Butterfly Valve Casting

Butterfly valve casting refers to the process of manufacturing butterfly valves through casting, which involves pouring molten metal into a mold to create the valve's components. The butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that controls flow through a circular disc or vane by rotating the disc parallel or perpendicular to the flow direction.

In the casting process, a mold is created in the shape of the valve components, such as the disc and the valve body. Molten metal, often ductile iron or stainless steel, is then poured into the mold and allowed to solidify. Once solidified, the mold is removed, leaving behind the casted butterfly valve components.

Casting is a common method used in the manufacturing of butterfly valves due to its ability to produce complex shapes with high precision. The resulting valves are durable, reliable, and suitable for a wide range of applications, including water treatment, HVAC systems, and industrial processes.

butterfly valve body

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Butterfly Valve Disc

Butterfly Valve Disc

Butterfly Valve Body & Disc at KT-Foundry

At KT-Foundry, we excel in the manufacturing of butterfly valve bodies and discs, setting the industry standard for quality and reliability. Our advanced casting processes and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every valve component we produce meets the highest standards of precision and durability.

One of our key strengths lies in our extensive experience and expertise in casting. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to create molds that are tailored to the unique specifications of butterfly valve bodies and discs. This allows us to produce components that are not only precise in their dimensions but also incredibly robust and resistant to wear and tear.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality extends to the materials we use. We source only the finest materials, such as ductile iron and stainless steel, ensuring that our butterfly valve bodies and discs are able to withstand the most demanding operating conditions. This attention to detail and quality control has earned us a reputation for excellence among our customers.

When you choose KT-Foundry for your butterfly valve body and disc needs, you can trust that you are getting products of the highest quality. Contact us today to learn more about our casting capabilities and how we can help meet your valve component needs.


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