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what is a flywheel

A flywheel for an engine is a crucial mechanical component designed to store and release rotational energy, ensuring smooth engine operation. Typically mounted on the crankshaft, it stabilizes the engine’s power output by reducing fluctuations in rotational speed. This is achieved by absorbing excess energy during power strokes and releasing it during non-power strokes, thereby providing a consistent and efficient transfer of power to the drivetrain. Flywheels also aid in starting the engine and may have gear teeth for engagement with the starter motor. Constructed from durable materials like cast iron or steel, flywheels are essential for maintaining engine performance and efficiency.

List of our flywheel for engine And flywheel housing:

Flywheel production process

Why You Should Choose KT-Foundry Flywheel for Your Engine and flywheel housing?

Choosing KT-Foundry for your flywheel and flywheel housing needs ensures you receive top-quality, durable components designed for peak performance. Our cast iron flywheels provide exceptional strength, thermal stability, and effective vibration damping, making them ideal for demanding engine applications. Similarly, our flywheel housings are engineered for precision and durability, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable operation.

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